HotHands Body & Hand Warmers, Odorless, Up to 18 Hours of Heat



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When you look into the world of HotHands Body & Hand Warmers, Odorless, Up to 18 Hours of Heat, the first thing that becomes apparent is that there is a multitude of products made to warm the body, ranging from jackets through to foot warmers. Based on these findings the natural question would then be, what part of the body do you want to warm, and how do they work.

HotHands Body & Hand Warmers are often referred to as chemical warmers. When the chemical warmer comes into contact with the body a chemical reaction is set in motion and is responsible for creating the heat. Chemicals used in this type of body warmer are carbon, iron, water and salt, so they are in fact a natural solution for somebody that suffers from feeling the cold, or is venturing out into colder parts.

When considering whether or not a foot warmer is something that you could benefit from, you would want to know whether the warmer is air-activated and will it fit comfortably in your boot or shoe. It is worth noting that HotHands Body & Hand Warmers have a limited life span so perhaps it may be best for you to consider a wool or thermal alternative, depending on what it is you want it for.

The most popular form of clothing that is purchased for the sole purpose of ensuring body warmth is thermal clothing. It is essential for humans to maintain a core body temperature of approximately 37 degrees and for some, especially the elderly, wearing thermal underwear may be just what the doctor ordered for added body warmth.

The human body has an amazing response to thermal strain and is controlled by the part of the brain known as the hypothalamus. If body temperature rises or falls then it is the hypothalamus that will correct the body temperature ensuring that it stays around the core rate of 37 degrees, but for some, the benefits of body warmers can not be ignored.


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