FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multitool (C1) Tactical Entrenching Tool w/Case



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FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multitool (C1) Tactical Entrenching Tool w/Case

This folding multitool is an ALL-IN-ONE SURVIVAL TOOL — Heavy Duty Shovel, Sharp Axe Blade, Serrated Saw Edge, Hammer, Paracord…Check! We’ve got all the must-haves for surviving in the outdoors covered. Conveniently dig trenches with this versatile multifunctional tool with a hidden rescue knife and saw, emergency whistle, fire starter (magnesium rod), bottle opener, and more!. Easily break down the shovel parts and fold it in its compact case. The carrying case is molle compatible and length adjustable.  Use the extra separate shovel head case to attach the shovel directly to your belt loop for easy access.  At about 2lbs, you can take this shovel anywhere you go.

Lightweight (only 1.2lbs) and amazingly compact, this is an essential piece of equipment to add to your outdoor first aid survival kit/gear. You can easily fit this foldable entrenching tool in your backpack or the trunk of your vehicle. The shovel head can be used as a glass breaker or to dig your car tires out of snow, mud, or ice in an emergency. Attach the included carrying case to your belt for convenient access while on the trail or hunt.

As close to indestructible as you can get, it’s forged from heat-treated High Quality SOLID Carbon Steel (Blade and Knife) and Aerospace Grade Aluminum (Knife), for maximum strength and lifetime durability. It’s also rust, water, and fracture resistant. Anti slip, quick dry handles make it so you never lose your grip.  Dig, entrench, chop, with confidence.

Consider the unique lock adjustment. Unlike other shovels, you can adjust the shovel angle with its special screw locking device, making it simple to alternate functions and positions. Spade can be used 40°, 90° or 180° angle as hook, hoe or shovel.

Easily assemble and disassemble each part of the FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multitool and store in your backpack or car.  Be prepared in the outback with all the different functions of this multitool. Dig out a fire pit, crack the ice around your truck tires, or break a car window in an emergency. Use the blade of the shovel to quickly hack branches, slice vegetables or split logs.

The inner strands of the paracord loop can be used to suture and stitch up open wounds. Use the hidden knife and saw for smaller branches for kindle or to scale your fresh catch. Have your emergency whistle handy in case you are injured or lost and need assistance. Quickly start a fire with the magnesium rod, and get those s’mores roasting!

The FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel Multitool was thoughtfully engineered handle optimizes comfort and control for all glove types to minimize hand fatigue. Slip proof foam cushion on the aluminum handle is water resistant, quick to dry, and perfect for recreational gardening or on your backcountry hike or cross country trips.

Always be prepared with this tactical folding tool!


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