2400 Calorie Shortbread Food Bar, 3 pkgs

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Product Description

Have you’ve ever wondered what 2400 calorie shortbread food bars are and what they taste like? They’re emergency food rations that have a wonderful shortbread cookie flavor. These bars taste like a normal cookie and also have a nice coconut flavor. The great taste follows years of research and development. A 2400 calorie shortbread food bar not only tastes great but is also very nutritious. You only need to eat one bar. It’s a bit heavy and so you’ll probably need water after eating it.  This selection provides three packages.

The 2400 calorie shortbread food bar is normally vacuum packed within foil packaging. The packaging and low moisture content gives the bars a pretty long shelf life. They are great for extended hiking trips, emergency rations, earthquake preparedness, short-term weight loss, or any survival situation.

Under the licensing requirements of 1995, these food rations have been approved by the U.S. Coast Guard.


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