Although we all expect life to be peace and fun, we cannot ignore the fact that in some cases emergency situations do arise that will require prompt responses and action. This level of response and action cannot be achieved if the corresponding preparation had not been made previously. It does not matter where we find ourselves, whether in our homes, schools, or special adventures sites, accidents do happen and having the appropriate kits and equipment is crucial to whether we survive or not. Your plan on the road to preparedness should include the acquisition of survival kits and gear in order to ensure that you are prepared for all forms of emergencies. Here’s some additional items that will enhance any potential needs for your homes and adventures.

1. Special Waterproof Emergency Matches: These come in handy in wet conditions and you still need to make a fire.
2. Emergency Poncho with Hood: For extreme raining conditions.
3. Body Warmers (Air activated) are extremely useful in cold weather.
4 Fire Resistant Wool Survival Blanket: Useful in any emergency fire situation.
5. Emergency Survival Candles (long burn time)
6. All Hazard Radio (with minimum of AM/FM, Weather Band, Flashlight)

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